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Eddie & Becky Cain

Ordained Ministers Eddie & Becky Cain have been in full time ministry since 1988. They often humorously share with their audiences that they have been Co-Pastors, Co-Evangelist, and Co-Worship Leaders, so you could call them the “Co-Cain’s”. Pastor Eddie’s brothers fondly refer to him as “The King of Corn”. The Cain’s have ministered in the United States as well as internationally.

Pastors Eddie and Becky have recorded several Praise and Worship CD’s and Pastor Eddie has written several worship songs. God told them that music was going to be one of the major ways He used them to minister to people. Many people receive their healings as they minister musically.

Pastor Becky is the author of two books 7 Keys to The Anointing and Unleashing the Flow of the Anointing.

Their God-given mandate is to bring healing: Spiritually, Physically, Mentally and Financially.



On the day they were married, Lillian Skinn, wrote Pastors Eddie and Becky Cain a prophetic word.  Lil used to preach on the street corners with Smith Wigglesworth, the great Apostle of Faith. Lil was Suzanne Hinn’s (wife of Benny) grandmother.

November 5, 1977

A day to be remembered.

Your Wedding Day

“One seeks to find appropriate words on this day of all days. And here is what the Lord says: ‘From this day – will I bless you…and I will take thee My servants and will make you as ‘signets’… (Those who leave impressions of Christ) for ‘I have chosen you’!”


It was a beautiful 1985 sunny Florida Spring Sunday morning. My husband and I stood in the choir loft, wearing our cream choir robes with our orange stoles. We were magnifying God through praise and worship as we had done so many other Sunday  mornings, when all of the sudden I had a vision. In the vision, my husband Eddie and I were on this HUGE platform with other husband and wife ministry teams to the left and right of us. I did not recognize anyone except our pastor who was a little ways down to the right of us. I didn’t see his wife though (she went home to be with Jesus sometime after the vision).  As I looked forward in the vision, there were people as far as my eyes could see in every direction. I could not see the end of the people and their faces. The closest thing I have ever seen to describe what I was seeing in the vision was the pictures of Reinhard Bonnke’s African crusades. Eddie and I were standing center stage with our hands outstretched towards the people. There were too many people to even consider laying hands on each person individually in prayer. I knew by the Holy Spirit as we had our hands outstretched towards the people that people were being healed “Spiritually, Physically, Mentally and Financially”. The vision ended


In the Spring of 1993 at Carpenter’s Home Church in Lakeland, Florida, Pastors Eddie and Becky Cain had a God Zone Encounter through the laying on of Evangelist Rodney Howard-Browne’s hands and ministry. They were holding hands and fell out in the Spirit together. What had seemed like minutes actually was over 3 hours. After comparing notes, they both thought the church had extremely bright television cameras on as it felt similar to when you lay out in the sun at the beach with your eyes closed. Upon opening their eyes they realized, not only were the camera lights not on, but the entire sanctuary was almost pitch dark. A janitor waited until they crawled to the front pew to get off of the floor to tell them what he saw while they were on the floor. He said he saw the Shekinah Glory Cloud over the two of them the entire time. They knew that was the bright light they had experienced. They have never been the same since that day! They have called this experience being in the God Zone, which is outside of time. Time does not permit sharing all of the experiences.

God has been moving in an awesome way with Signs, Wonders and Miracles following from that day on as they fulfill their God-given mandate to administer healing: Spiritually, Physically Mentally and Financially and to leave impressions of Christ on everyone they meet. Therefore the name Trans4mation Church. The 4 representing healing: Spiritually, Physically, Mentally and Financially.  Lives are being changed forever!


Pastors Eddie and Becky were given a prophetic word 20ish years ago that they would not retire, but they would re-fire! THE BEST IS YET TO COME!


Pastor Becky email: PastorBecky@trans4mationchurch.com

Pastor Eddie email: PastorEddie@trans4mationchurch.com

407-212-8484 or 407-212-8485