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Written By: Pastor Gary Hellender

This thought has been on my mind and heart lately and with so many dealing with changes in their lives (loved ones home going, preparing to return, job responsibilities changing, etc. ) that it is on my heart to share with you.

Some changes in life are big, some small,…… and some feel gigantic…like the ocean wide or a mountain in front of you and you question if you even have the energy, the strength to look at it, much less climb it.

While I may not have been in your exact situation, I have experienced some challenges as well.

  1. Death of my parents – Mom fought an illness, Dad –  fine to gone in a matter of weeks
  2. Death of unborn child
  3. Sudden Job changes – Company purchased…told “You have a job for a month”
  4. Job conflicts/ Leader turnover
  5. Sudden illness of spouse – (from fine to wheelchair in less than a week)
  6. Sudden injury – (told I wouldn’t walk for a year)
  7. Sudden illness – (Dr thinks cancer …cancer test given… he expected tumor).

In some of the above, JESUS spoke to me which gave me HIS WORDS to hang onto. In some circumstances HE flat out healed me and surprised the doctors.

In some, I had to cooperate (like learning how to walk again doing physical therapy which took less than 2 months after prayer, not a year thanks to JESUS!). My wife went from a wheelchair to a walker to a cane to being able to run for a minute after brain surgery.  To going overseas as a missionary.  (Recently, MRI showed little to no lesions on her brain…which the Neurologist said “does not happen”. JESUS ANSWERED AGAIN!! ?

I could go on.  In all these instances, my wife and I have overcome.  JESUS GAVE me/us The Victory.

I am NOT telling you some trite saying or some religious mantra that people quote to you. NO.  I am telling you the TRUTH.  I have walked it out.  JESUS IS REAL and HE REALLY DOES CARE…About YOU!!

In all these things we are MORE than conquers through HIM who LOVES us.  

There IS Hope!

This is what I have learned: 

  1. As soon as you feel the struggle within, Call on JESUS…pray…shout, whatever you have to do to make yourself heard.
  2. Get Real with GOD.  If you get real with HIM and put your heart/life on the line, HE will get real with you.
  3. Surrender your life, submit your will to HIM….hand the circumstance over to HIM.  Say it with your mouth and mean it in your heart.
  4. As often as you realize you are trying to carry it, Call on HIM and give it back. Walk in peace.
  5. Ask for HIS Wisdom on what to do in the situation.  If HE tells/shows you something, deal with it WITH HIM.  If HE doesn’t show you immediately, TRUST HE IS AT WORK and

Continue to do what HE has told you previously and what is written in HIS WORD.  (Love others, Forgive others…repent =change, and ask for forgiveness from HIM, from others.)

  1. Spend extra time with JESUS.  (Easy to do, yet somehow hard at the same time.)
  2. Realize you are in a battle and the enemy is trying to take you out, but you have a REFUGE..a SAFE PLACE.  HIS NAME IS JESUS.
  3. Time doesn’t heal….JESUS does.

If you don’t know JESUS, you can!  Relationship with GOD starts with prayer…prayer…talking with HIM that continues through life.

Let’s Pray: “FATHER GOD, Right now I come to YOU in the middle of my struggle. I believe JESUS is GOD who died for my sins on the cross and rose again from the dead so I chose to Surrender my life and will into YOUR Loving HANDS. JESUS be the LORD of my life.  Please speak to me. Help me to overcome by trusting YOU and walking with YOU in this life and beyond. Change me and help me to yield to YOUR HOLY SPIRIT who is now at work in me. In JESUS Name I pray. Amen (so be it).”

Bless You,

Gary Hellender

Associate Pastor

Trans4mation Church

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