Have a Great Day!

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By: Pastor Gary Hellender

To this day I still send my sons off to school or work with a prayer and tell them to “have a Great Day!”

At some point when my youngest son Jacob was around 5 or 6 years old, he would tell me to “have a Great Day!” Then I would come home from work sometimes late in the evening after a long commute and he would ask me “So, how was your GREAT Day?”  I have to admit, it caught me by surprise at first.  He fully expected me to have a “Great Day”….Every day.

Recently I was reminded of this during a time of prayer and reflection and I thought “what is a Great Day?”

For me, a Great Day includes at least one of the following:

  1. To Meet with and Hear from THE LORD
  2. To See or Hear an Answer to Prayer
  3. To make a coworker or a supplier rep laugh
  4. To help someone
  5. To Encourage my teammates
  6. To be satisfied with my work
  7. To be with my family
  8. To Share the GOOD NEWS

How about you?  Are YOU having a GREAT DAY?

For those who know JESUS CHRIST as our LORD, a DAY is coming that will have no end.  Endless joy…Endless Peace…Endless Love in HIS PRESENCE! What a GREAT DAY that will be!!! ? It begins in our hearts when we receive HIM as our LORD and KING. GOD who became flesh…born as a baby who later died on the Cross for my sins and yours.  Everyone is invited to receive HIM as LORD, to get to know HIM personally.


Pray with me: “LORD JESUS, I believe YOU are GOD who became flesh…a man without sin who died for my sins, who faced the judgement I richly deserved and then rose from the dead.  I now receive YOU as my LORD and my KING.  Please make me ready for YOUR return.  Prepare me now, that I may be with YOU in this life and on that GREAT DAY in Heaven be with YOU forever.  In JESUS Name, Amen (so be it ?).”

Let me know if you have a specific prayer request or if you have any questions.  My Prayer Partners and I are happy to agree with you in prayer.

Bless You and HAVE A GREAT DAY!! ?

Gary Hellender

Assistant Pastor

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