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Recently some verses grabbed my attention and I would like to share them with you.

Psalm 119:92-94  reads “Unless YOUR Law had been my delight, I would have perished in my affliction.  I will never forget YOUR precepts, for by them YOU have given me life. I am YOURS, save me; for I have sought YOUR precepts.”

Twice the speaker shares the need to know THE LORD’s precepts found in HIS WORD.  (Ex. HIS LAW).

  1. They kept him from perishing/dying in affliction.
  2. THE LORD used them to give LIFE.
  3.  He was able to ask for and expect THE LORD to rescue him because he went after them.

What is a precept?  A general rule intended to regulate thought or behavior.  Knowing THE LORD and HIS WAYS, what HE desires in our lives, both in what we think and what we do help us to make right choices in life and to receive HIS LIFE for us.  THE LIFE HE wants you and I to have and experience. It won’t just happen.  You and I are expected to cooperate with HIM. It starts with calling on HIM.   Whoever calls on THE NAME OF THE LORD shall be saved.   Is HE YOUR LORD? Can you honestly say “I am YOURS”?

Let’s Pray :  “FATHER GOD, please help me to seek out and learn YOUR precepts. YOUR way of doing things and incorporate them into my life. LORD JESUS, please be my LORD starting today.  I am calling on YOU now. Save me.  The first precept is to surrender to YOU, the ONE Who knows best so we can walk together and I can learn from YOU and YOUR WORD.  Thank YOU!  In JESUS Name I pray. AMEN (So Be it). “


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