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Hi there. This is Pastor Becky. The following is an excerpt from a friend named Gary Hellender. Please enjoy and share. Gary gave me permission to post this:

In the midst of everything, I have been bombarded with political adds from various candidates requesting my vote. As I am wading through the messages and considering and verifying to the best of my ability what they stand for and their previous actions to confirm their pledges, I thought it may help to remind you what THE WORD OF GOD says to value and uphold when making decisions that affect us all.  

  1. We NEED THE LORD in our Leaders and Leaders who SEEK THE LORD when making decisions regarding our nation, our city, our business, our family.   THE LORD says to LOVE HIM FIRST, so anyone we vote for should value HIM FIRST. Do they speak of HIM?  Do they respect HIS CHURCH/HIS BODY?  Are they a Believer?
  2. THE LORD is for HIS Covenant People…for ISRAEL.  Believers are to support Israel as a nation and their right to exist. The nations who support Israel will receive a blessing from GOD.  Do they support GOD’s people?
  3. What do they say about the family?  THE LORD made the family as a man and woman/husband and wife.  Since the family was HIS idea and HIS design, we can trust HE knows how it should work and we should support HIS plan as well.
  4. What about the unborn? Many times throughout Scripture THE LORD tells us to “Choose Life”.
  5. Do they have a record of keeping their word?  Experience and Character….

Most importantly, pray for our nation!  Pray for GODLY leaders and remember to vote in line with The WORD OF GOD.

Let’s pray…”LORD, please give me wisdom to make the right choices and give wisdom and direction for the leaders of our Nation, State and Local government. We ask YOUR Kingdom come and YOUR will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. In JESUS Name, Amen.”

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