SOPA / PIPA: Is it ok?

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I’m sure that many of you have heard about the new SOPA / PIPA rules that are being tossed around in congress.  I personally am a firm believer in less government involvement is better.  These acts may be under the guise of stopping piracy, but in actuality, they are just trying to censor the internet.

You may be thinking that censorship is a good thing. Well, Hitler thought one race was a good thing. Who is in charge of this SOPA / PIPA thing that gets to decide what is censored and what isn’t?

If an Athiest is in charge, all religious views can plan on being censored. If a tyranical dictator is in charge, you won’t be free to speak out against them.

So, what happens to freedom of speech when the internet is being censored?

Plus, how can the U.S. Government really effectively censor a global community. That isn’t fair to the other countries, which means they’ll want to get involved too.

If you get all the countries of the world involved, it will just be a big mess. How can that many people all agree on what to censor?

Anyway, if you want to tell Congress to take there acts and put them into a play instead, you can go to: and sign the petition.

Sorry for the rant, but I’m not a big fan of Government playing God.

Jennifer Patterson


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