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Do you have joy?  Don’t let the circumstances of life steal your JOY!

There are times when we go through things and if we let them, they can bring us down.   You and I have a choice how we act or react toward events and expectations in our lives.  Happiness can change with events, but true JOY for the Christian comes from within and can only be squelched or blocked if we allow it.

The BIBLE declares “The JOY of THE LORD is my Strength.”   (Think about that.)It doesn’t say, the Strength of THE LORD…or…THE POWER of THE LORD is my Strength.  No…THE JOY..OF …THE LORD…IS.. My STRENGTH.


GOD has JOY Unspeakable (JOY so GOOD you can’t even put it into words  ) and full of GLORY.

Did you know that part of the reward for a Christian when we die is entering into the fullness of JOY HE has for us?  Unending JOY! The GOOD NEWS is we can experience HIS JOY during our time on earth as well.   

Whether your joy is long gone or seems buried deep or is non-existent, you can gain new strength.. new joy from THE LORD. The KINGDOM of GOD that HE brings when HE comes to live in a person is “Righteousness, Peace and JOY in THE HOLY SPIRIT.”(I find It’s a package deal.)

Please pray with me, “LORD, I have to say the events of life often leave me shaken and dry. I ask YOU to forgive me for my sins please give me YOUR Righteousness so I can be right with you.  I ask for YOUR Peace that comes when I know I am right with YOU and YOUR Joy as THE HOLY SPIRIT comes to dwell in me bringing YOUR Kingdom, YOUR Rule in and over my life in JESUS Name. Amen.”

Gary Hellender

Assistant Pastor

Trans4mation Church

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