How Do You Handle Rejection or Adversity?

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When we look back on historical events, they are quiet humorous at times -  such as Einstein being expelled from school. Click on … | Today quotes,  Sayings, Einstein
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This picture is worth more than a thousand words because it gives hope! 

It reminds me of when I was in high school and my Algebra II teacher told me, “You will never make it in higher math.”  At first her words stung…especially since I liked and respected my teacher.  I decided it was not up to her. 

Two years later I had taken many higher math classes and after I aced my Calculus class with a 4.0 grade point average (highest you could get), I went back to my Algebra II teacher and let her know what I had accomplished.  She said she didn’t remember saying it, but after many years I still remember.  I could have gotten discouraged or depressed. I could have given up. I decided to do what I knew I was capable of doing even when “they” said I couldn’t do it.

How about you?  Are you doing what you know you are capable of or have you given in to fear or the criticism of others? THE LORD put you here for a reason and it was not to give in or give up, but to overcome.  This is the Victory that overcomes the world, even our Faith.   Put your Faith in JESUS CHRIST because HE put HIS Faith in you.  GOD has given every person a measure of faith so we can TRUST IN JESUS and we can overcome. HE didn’t give you abilities to hide them, but to use them for HIS GLORY which pleases HIM and to help and bless others with your gifts and talents. To not try, is to fail.  You can do it.  Even if you and THE LORD are the only ones who believe you can.  You and GOD are the MAJORITY!  The rest is small stuff.

With GOD, all things are possible!  😊

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Prayer: LORD please help me to trust YOU and to believe YOU are able to help me to overcome rejection, adversity and anything that tries to stand in my way! Help me/us to see the obstacles for what they are…stepping stones for promotion.   In JESUS NAME we pray. AMEN (So Be It!)😊


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