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Today’s message is a simple word from Psalms 119:105 that many Christians know. “YOUR WORD is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

Can You See?

The other night I was walking in my house where I am currently staying and I didn’t want to go turn on the light. 

The stairs have motion sensor lights in the wall that turn on once you start going up the stairs. In the beginning I was doing my best to make out what was in front of me but it was dark and thus very slow going.

Then All of a sudden the lights clicked on and I could see exactly where I was and where I was going.  Then I could ascend the stairs with ease. We can apply this to our every day lives.  Can You See?

Do you know where you are in your life?  Where are you standing and more importantly, what are you standing on? Can you see the terrain, the obstacles ahead of you and beyond?  Are you headed in the right direction? Where will your current course of life take you?  Are you confused about which way to go? 

Do what you were taught to do from a young age…STOP and Get Directions.

THE WORD OF GOD can help you to see exactly where you stand with THE LORD and what your actions will bring you.  Seek THE LORD thru Prayer/Talking with HIM, and Read HIS WORD so you can know  for certain where you stand and  the right way to go.

The Bible says JESUS’s Followers have the Light of Life.   Do you?

Let’s Pray: FATHER GOD, help me to stop and get YOUR directions for the decisions I have to make now and going forward in this life.  I know YOU can see everything that is ahead of me and where I will end up.  I am asking for YOUR Guidance so I don’t miss out On YOUR BEST for me.  Help me to pray and listen….to read/hear and obey.  LORD JESUS come live in me and be my LIGHT OF LIFE.

Gary Hellender

Associate Pastor

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