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The following prophetic words are from Sunday, May 17, 2020. You should receive this as a NOW WORD FOR YOU. If you know anyone who is in business or is planning to go into business, please share this message with them. Thank you.

Pastor Becky: I know this is God because it is not on my radar. We all know how He speaks to us. There are business owners out there that you have been “shut out” because of this Covid-19. And I want to encourage you right now. I’m Pastor Becky from if you are just tuning in and this is Pastor Eddie. And I believe with all my heart that we have been sold a really…a terrible bill of goods. But God can turn everything around. And you need to share this with people, especially if you know business owners. Because we have discussed this…why can the big box stores like Wal-Mart, Lowes, and Home Depot and whatever…be opened and yet the Mom and Pop shops have been closed? And the Salons and whatever…and they are losing their livelihood. And I just heard the Holy Spirit say that if you will contact us…you can go to We have a group right here of powerhouse pray-ers and intercessors, Prayer Warriors that will prayer for you. They are going, “yes”. They will pray for you. GOD WANTS TO SET YOU FREE FROM THIS! HE can take all of the business losses, all of the financial losses (Gary shares that he heard the same thing…confirmation). God wants to set your business free. And He can take your finances and totally transform your bottom line into more than what you would have had, had you not lost any funds. That’s what I’m hearing the SPIRIT say. So if you know somebody who’s been in business. If you’ve lost funds because of this OR I’m even hearing the Lord say, some of you, God’s been calling some of you into entrepreneurship. He’s calling you into business solutions and businesses. And we’re going to pray for anointing over that too. We’re going to agree with you even now.  I want you to now…cause there is power in agreement. You can hit the “Contact Us” button or you can contact us through Facebook. But do contact us and let us know…because some of you won’t see this till later. But I believe with all my heart because God has shown this to me…whenever you are watching this…it is a NOW WORD. So it is for you. We will be checking back. You name your business and we’re going to put you on the prayer list. We’ll be praying and interceding for you. What we’re doing is coming into agreement with what God is saying to you. You are who He says you are! You are chosen! You’re not forsaken. He is for you. He’s not against you. You have felt like, “My God, I can’t take anymore!” I’m hearing that by the Spirit. God is saying, “Honey, you don’t have to. Take that frown and wipe it off and put a smile on and begin to decree “The Truth”.

Gary:  When we were singing that, “I am who You say I am”.  I was asking the Lord, “Well, who do You say we are?” I was asking Him, “What is it He is saying over us right now. What I got was, “The Redeemed. Captives set free.” So it’s confirmation of what Pastor Becky was saying that God wants you free and Trans4mation Church. So you can be free…physically healed…spiritually…financially…financial freedom. Cause there is bondage on God’s people and God wants his people free. And it just hit me right now. When God set the Israelites free, when they were in captivity in Egypt, they plundered the riches of Egyptians. Now they walked out not one sick among them. So they were physically healed, but also financially. God blessed them as they walked out of their captivity, God gave them riches. God gave them resources. They had what the enemy was using, they got to plunder.  I just want to declare right now, “Lord, I thank You that You say we are ‘The Redeemed’. You bought us. You paid for us. Lord. So right now we declare Your captives free in the Name of Jesus. And Lord we pray now for those business owners. Lord we just thank You and we speak blessing in the Name of Jesus. Blessing. The Blessing of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow with it. Lord, we declare Your blessing on these businesses. On the Mom and Pop’s that have been struggling, Lord. And Lord, peace in the Name of Jesus. Peace in the midst of this storm. Peace, perfect peace. God I ask for grace for them to set their minds on you. Lord, we declare Your peace and Your freedom. And Your prosperity. Your riches to come to them. No, not because you deserve it. But because Jesus paid for it. He loves you. He died for you. He rose from the dead and is seated and is interceding on your behalf. So that you can boldly come and the resources of heaven can be manifest in your life. And God is giving you a word through Pastor Becky for you to respond. And If that’s you. If that’s your business.  If you want this, then raise your hands and say, ‘Yes. I receive it.’ In the Name of Jesus. Father, I just thank You right now. Bless your people. In Jesus Name.

Channie: I’ve been believing for an impossible dream for about 15 months now and I went through a lot of depression. Never, never, never give up. God wants to take that heaviness off of you. In the Name of Jesus, we all agree and command that heaviness to lift off of everybody right now. All the trauma. All the fear. All the depression to lift off of you in the Name of Jesus. God’s going to come and restore everything you’ve ever lost. More than you can imagine. It’s going to happen. Expect great things to happen.

Pastor Becky:  I keep hearing God say:


                          RESTORATION & BEYOND

                          RESTORATION & BEYOND

Gary: I said “Redeemed” before. And He just reminded me that when you “redeem” something that means you “restore” the full value of something. And God is doing that for your business. Everything  that was lost, He’s going to restore and more in Jesus Name.

Pastor Becky: I heard this. I’m not sure what it means. But there are some of you, God is calling you to kind of join forces. So I’m just going to trust that that makes sense to somebody. That what you’re going to evolve that business and you’re going to join forces and actually connect two or three business together to form one powerful thing. And I also heard…I know Rodney Howard-Browne is starting his Ministers and Leaders thing this week on line and it’s called “The Storm”. I can only imagine cause I just heard the Holy Spirit say, “You and I are the storm!” Don’t let the enemy be the storm! YOU ARE THE STORM! YOU ARE FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH! Amen. Amen.

Pastor Eddie: In response to these words, we are going off script. We haven’t practiced this and we don’t have the words for you. But you might be familiar with it. The Lord said to do it right now so we are doing it now. We are just being obedient. SEE 27:30 minutes on the FB video:


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