Prophecy ~ Pastor Eddie Cain Trans4mation Church 01-30-12 (Spreading God’s Love)

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The following prophecy was read by Pastor Becky Cain on Channel 55’s “What Are You Waiting For?” program with Freeda Bowers.  The prophecy was given to Pastor Eddie Cain on Jan. 30, 2012. The Holy Spirit told him to sit down at the computer and type what he heard.

The following video was created from the prophecy. It was posted on YouTube for easy sharing. (You can click on the YouTube button to be taken to the video on YouTube. On YouTube’s site, there is a share button which will allow you to share with Facebook, Twitter, and more.)

Below the video, you will find the complete written prophecy, as well as share buttons for this webpage. There is a printer-friendly button for those who wish to print this out to have a hard copy. Enjoy!



Tell my people, I need to touch them so I can touch this generation through them! 

You are my hands, you are my feet, you are my body on the earth, let me touch you so you can touch them!

I am bringing resurrection power to my body, those that will allow me to touch them, those that will humble themselves before me, those that will hear my voice and obey my will, I will use in great measure and restore the gifts of my Spirit and you shall see signs and wonders before your very eyes, for with God, nothing is impossible!

The heart of  this generation is crying out to Me for the reality of Who I am, for more than a list of do’s and don’ts, for my loving arms to embrace them.

You are my arms, let me embrace you and then embrace them.

For this is the day of harvest, this is the day of Revival, this is the day of Resurrection.

I am coming to you to fill you, to touch you, to change you, to empower you to reach this generation.

With man this is impossible, but with God nothing is Impossible.

Today, if you hear my voice, harden not your heart, but surrender to Me, to my Holy Spirit and watch what I will do, in you and through you.

For this is my chosen season to unleash the moving of My Spirit, of signs and wonders through my body, for the end of days is drawing near and the harvest must be gathered and brought into the storehouse.

You must work while it is day for the night is coming when all work shall cease.

Therefore, heed my Spirit and My voice, and prepare your heart to be used of Me in greater measure than ever before, for time is short and the need is great and I am still not willing that any should perish, but that all would come to a saving knowledge of Me.

For I have Loved you and the world with an everlasting love and my heart yearns to embrace them.

Will you be My hands, will you be My arms, will you be My lips and speak My word and show My love to this generation?

3 Comments on “Prophecy ~ Pastor Eddie Cain Trans4mation Church 01-30-12 (Spreading God’s Love)”

  1. Pastors Eddie and Becky, it’s been five years since my girls and I left Florida, I see your updates on fb and e-mail. I’m so jazzed to see the awesome things the LORD is doing through your ministry. I look back and see how much God has brought me through. I know now, that the nine years we spent under your ministry is part of what gave the strenght to walk through the trail and come through the other side not even smelling like smoke! so THANK YOU Both for all of the counsel and prayers. 🙂 Not to mention all of the patience. 🙂 I ask for God to bless you and yours for your faithfulness and obediance. I know there are people like me and with even a more intense testimony than mine. So keep on keeping on, you are making a difference for the Kingdom!!!! Blessings and Favor!!

    1. Lora we miss you and the girls!!! Thank you so much for your testimony and I know you are a blessing to “The House” and pastor you are currently with! Lora, you know how to fight the good fight of faith! Greater days are ahead for you and the girls!!!

      Love and Prayers,
      Pastor Becky : )

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