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Prophetic Word From Pastor Becky: YOU ARE DESTINED TO WIN!

THE LORD SAYS: “You are destined to win! If you take the first step, I will order your steps into the greatness I have already prepared for you. Do not look at the giants in the land. I already have them in My hand. I have already prepared paths for you to walk on. I have prepared a place for you where the enemies can only look at you and drool. I’ve prepared a table in this place where the enemies can only watch you as you participate and enjoy My Goodness and your destiny, says the Lord of Hosts.


So rejoice for your steps are ordered of Me! Fling not away therefore your confidence! Choose life. I set before you life and death. Choose life! The only way you will not inhabit the greatness I have for you, is if you don’t take the first step and follow the path I have prearranged for you to walk in. Now is the time, says the Lord! Come feast at the table I’ve prepared for you!”

Say this out loud if you accept this prophetic word for your life: “I say, “Yes Lord! I take the first step and I spring into my destiny, because I am destined to win!” Take that first step now!

Winning with Christ,


Pastor Becky Cain


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