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I have been truly disappointed by Beth Moore’s recent comments (See While I totally agree with Beth Moore that any and every form of sexual abuse or harassment is abominable, I cannot condone her using her God-given platform to promote Hillary Clinton – whether purposefully or not. Beth Moore’s coming out against Donald Trump implies one of two things:

  • You should not vote at all
  • OR you should vote for Hillary Clinton.

Any vote that is not cast for Donald Trump is a vote for Hillary Clinton and it is the most dangerous vote!

To add insult to injury, I saw zero comments by Beth Moore about the deplorableness of Hillary Clinton, who in my opinion has done much more to warrant Moore’s indignation! I also noticed that Beth Moore offered no solutions to the problem.

I feel bashing Donald Trump is totally unwise and it saddens me when people allow their personal problems to distract them from the truth and even worse in this case to influence others. The truth is every person who chooses not to vote at all or not to vote for Trump is promoting:

  • 3rd term abortions
  • The Anti-Christ spirit that will try and silence Christians
  • The appointment of liberal Supreme Court Justices who will enforce 3rd term abortions and silence Christians along with a plethora of their liberal disgusting agenda!
  • The destruction of our Constitution as we know it.
  • The end of our right to bear arms according to the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution.
  • And more.

All of this mudslinging is a HUGE distraction and ploy aimed at “We the People” to get our eyes off of the real issues at hand which are Abortion, Supreme Court Judges, the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, and the Federal deficit, to name a few!

If you are a Christian:

  1. You should be voting
  2. You should be voting the Bible
  3. You should be telling others to do the same


The Bible states that God knew us before we were in our mother’s womb (Jeremiah 1:5), which means that ANY and ALL abortions are MURDER!

The Bible also states:

Psalms 139:13 NIV

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.



Please don’t be duped by the liberal media into falling for their “distractions” about Donald’s Trump’s potty mouth, comments about women and personal failures. I have already stated what the truly important issues of this election are.

I believe that Donald Trump with the help of God and “We the People” are going to make America great again!

Awaken to the truth fellow Christians! Make no mistake, your Christian freedoms are at stake! Your vote matters! Vote Donald Trump!

I pray Lee Greenwood’s song, “God Bless the USA” continues to be a truth. Please pray, vote The Bible and pass this message forward! Thank you!

Sending out the Clarion Call in Jesus Name,


Pastor Becky Cain


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  1. I feel sad by this by beth moore. To me she has been one sided. She is saying dont vote for Trump because these womaen say he done this. Not one of them have showed provided any proof. 30 yrs ago. Why did they not say anything beforr this. I cant believe not one of them stood up for themselves. On the other hand Bill has been a womanizer. and raped and most of the women did come out and report it. So if these women reported it about bill and him rich then why didnt the ones come out long time ago on Trump. To me if it had been me i would have reported it no matter what. Even then

    1. Hi J. Thank you for your comment. I agree with you. We need to pray that the blinders are taken off people so that they can see the truth and vote correctly! Please forward this blog to as many people as you can so that people will at least have the opportunity to hear the truth. Blessings, Pastor Becky

  2. WHY are our Christian leaders so blinded by the bait of Satan (the offensive) that they can’t see anything that God is doing in Trump and can only judge him by his pass BEFORE he accepted the Lord as his Savior.
    Could this be the “great apostasy of the end times” that I’ve heard spoken of all my Christian life?

    Perfect! -satan distracting loud enough to take our eyes off what God is doing!

    LISTEN people, if sexual offenses were so horrible and not worthy of forgiveness; WHY did Jesus stop men from stoning the woman who clearly was caught in sexual sin… and WHY did He admonish the woman at the well and speak lovingly to her telling her of ‘living water’ to quench her thirst!? Think about this… Her thirst for WHAT??? The things of the world; money, the passion of sex and seeking to find “love”… WHY did He admonished her to accept HIS salvation (the living water) to be quenched (fulfilled, satisfied within Him) if sexual sin is so offensive… ???
    If Jesus forgives the vilest sinner (some of us with SEXUAL misconduct) WHAT then is our issue?
    This sexual misconduct is what Trump USED to do (some 10-35 yrs ago) NOT who he is NOW!

    Can you not see this? Is salvation ONLY for the righteous or maybe what Jesus offers is only good for a select few?! Remember where we all came from prior to His sweet salvation He gave so freely to us! How deeply buried in sin were you prior to your salvation moment? I was on suicides door step! Wallering in the pain of sexual abuse done to me ALL of my life (which started at 3 yrs of age). I felt justified living in my chosen sexual sin, partying, doing drugs to deal with my pain… and became deeply depressed unto contemplating suicide! You think maybe I had a legit reason to be hurt then?
    -or maybe (because of my past) I should be angry now at Trump’s PAST behaviors? I did! -and I do!
    BUT GOD …
    HE FORGAVE ME -healed me & set me free!!!

    How is Donald Trump’s sexual offenses any different from any of us?
    He is SAVED (from the moment he accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior), sins forgiven, cleansed by shed blood of JESUS and has been set free. He is a new creation! (Unless all this Christianity stuff is bunk!)

    I beg of you Christians (those of us who are supposed to be exemplifying Christ) — PUT DOWN YOUR STONES -and FORGIVE AS CHRIST DID!
    See beyond the bait of satan and vote for a man who is willing to do (with God’s help) what we are praying for God to do for our great nation.
    Why pray asking God to heal our nation if we don’t accept His chosen to answer our prayers… remember the Word says, “his ways are not our ways and he uses the foolish to confound the wise.”

    Is Donald Trump not worthy of this? God’s gift of salvation -our forgiveness?!

    THINK people! PRAY! Talk to God, HE will show you the way. Shut your heart off to the media and listen for God’s voice!

    1. Hi Gilda,
      Thank you for your comment. Well said. I especially love the last line “THINK people! PRAY! Talk to God, HE will show you the way. Shut your heart off to the media and listen for God’s voice!”

      We all should continue to pray that the blinders are taken off people so that they can see the truth in Jesus Name!

      Please forward this to as many people as possible so that they will have the opportunity to see the truth.

      Pastor Becky

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