God Says, “Your Lost Things Will Be Found”

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My husband, Eddie and I were on our way to the movies with our friend Carol, when I received a text from my daughter Jen which said, “Someone lose this?”, with a picture of a man’s wedding band on her thumb. We were at a stop light, so I showed my husband the picture, knowing it was his. Eddie asked me to text Jen and ask her where she found it. Jen’s reply was, “half buried in the driveway”.  Almost immediately after that I looked down on the van floor to my right and I saw the inside fastener to white wrap around top I had lost. I didn’t think I would ever find it.

I instantly realized that God was speaking to us and that the Word wasn’t just for my husband and me, but for you as well. God is saying, “Your lost things are going to be found”.

What have you lost?

lost and found

It is interesting to me that the wedding band is an inexpensive band we bought for my husband to wear when he didn’t want to get his “good” one messed up. The same thing is true for the fastener for my white wrap around top. Although the fastener is different than any other one I’ve ever had, I could have used my ingenuity to come up with a different option. It would have been more of an aggravation then anything else. In fact, neither of us even thought to pray or ask God to help us find our lost items.

What am I saying? I am saying that if we had never found that ring it wouldn’t have caused us great distress. If I had never found the fastener it wouldn’t have caused me great distress. We are however extremely thankful to God for the return of these items!

What this says is that God is concerned with the return of everything lost in your life, even the seemingly insignificant things. How much more will He return the significant things to you?

The Spirit Says to You

Joel 2:25 states that God will even restore the years that have been stolen from you! The Spirit says to you, that He will not only restore the years that have been stolen from you by the enemy of your soul, but He is placing you in the exact spot in time that you would have been in if the years had not been stolen. It is as if you never missed a beat! He is restoring lost dreams, visions, and things that He spoke to you in the night.

As Psalm 23 in the Amplified version says, God is restoring your very life and He is preparing a table before you in the presence of your enemies. Every lack is broken off you now in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ! All you have to do is follow The Great Shepherd, Jesus Christ!

With God all things are possible! Join me is saying, “I receive it! I believe it! I take it! It’s mine! Thank You Jesus!” Now is the time! Get ready! Get ready! Get ready!

Victory in Jesus!

I Confess Jesus is Lord,


Pastor Becky Cain

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